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Want Free Gear?

Want to manage a community and grow an audience?

Want to be part of a startup company in the sports industry?

Become a FANCHEST Ambassador!


FANCHEST is a premium, curated gift box for sports fans.  Our chests are packed with licensed gear, merchandise, apparel, and ultimate fan surprises, such as chances to win signed memorabilia or meet the player events.  We curate a new box of products for each our teams EVERY 3 MONTHS.  

FANCHEST is seeking Team Brand Ambassadors that are responsible for the engagement, growth, and community of FANCHEST teams.  Brand Ambassadors play a vital role in the community of individual professional teams.  As we continue to expand and sell new teams, your involvement and contribution is not only highly valued, but also very crucial.  Our ambassador program is really designed for the die-hard fan to build a passionate community, get involved with a growing brand in the sports industry, and join us for a wild ride!

Becoming a FANCHEST Brand Ambassador

Whether you’re an accomplished sports writer, community builder, die-hard fan, or ex professional athlete, you can become a FANCHEST Brand Ambassador.  It’s about passion and inspiration.  We’re bringing on just 1 brand ambassador per team.  That means we’re looking for the right person, with the right mindset, and the right amount of grind to help build something special.  

If selected, you’re joining a team of hard-core sports fans who believe you own the same values and principles that we have.

Goals of the Program

This is really about you.  We want to empower you to build a community and do what you love.  Show your team passion, express your knowledge, build a following.  We’ll help you do it.

In exchange, you’ll help grow awareness of the FANCHEST brand, create amazing content, and manage an engaged community of passionate fans.  

What We Expect From You

We expect you to be professional, hard-working, honest, and open.  We want to hear your feedback and we want to know your thoughts on how we can better engage your fan base.  

We expect you’ll have a passion for FANCHEST and the brand we’re building every day. 

We also expect you’ve shown a propensity to manage a social media following and you understand how to grow and nurture it.

Basic things we’d expect to see

Community Engagement

Most importantly, we want you to be creative and think far outside the box.  We’ll value your opinion.  This is your time to shine!  We will bring you on because we believe in you.  And we expect you’ll believe in yourself to get the job done.

What You Can Expect From Us

You’re crushing it.  You have a following and are building incredible awareness of FANCHEST from fans of your team.  You’re upholding all the principles we expect.  For that, we’ll offer you:

We will give new ambassadors a 1-2 month trial period.  After the trial period is finished, we will determine it’s the right fit to continue.


In order to be considered, you must meet at least ONE of the requirements below:

Not every applicant who fits the requirements will become a brand ambassador.  We are bringing on just 1 brand ambassador per team, so we can only accommodate 1 spot.

To apply, Click Here to fill out the application!

Please note, we get a lot of inquiries, so please be patient!