Our mission is pretty straightforward... to deliver the perfect gift for sports fans.

Our Passion

At FANCHEST we’re big sports fans. Watching sports is fun, but our passion goes deeper than that. Sports have the power to enhance relationships and connect us with an identity bigger than any individual. Those relationships built and nurtured through sports make life sweeter.

Our Manifesto

Yes, the FANCHEST team loves sports, but you might still be wondering, “Why gift boxes?” Like sports, good gifts enhance relationships. Our mission is pretty straightforward: FANCHEST delivers the BEST gifts for sports fans. Period. We bring together sports (which people love) and gifts (which people love). And we know what fans want because we’re fans ourselves.

Our Promise

Our boxes are curated by fans for fans. We work with over 100 vendors to source high-quality licensed merchandise from top manufacturers. The level of quality, the look and feel of the packaging, and the attention to detail communicate our passion for sports and our commitment to thoughtful gifts. After 6,000 reviews, with close to a 5-star average, we’re confident that the sports fan in your life will absolutely love FANCHEST

Go ahead and try FANCHEST for yourself. You'll be glad you did.


We offer FREE SHIPPING on all orders within the US and a 60-day hassle free return policy. Don't hesitate to email sales@fanchest.com with any questions!